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Senior / Subordinate Note Structure

Under this note structure, the loan on loan lender holds a senior note under which it receives interest and principal prior to any payments received by the loan on loan borrower. The loan on loan borrower holds a subordinate note under which it receives payments that reflect the upside of the transaction.


Collateral Assignment Structure

In a collateral assignment structure, the loan on loan borrower directly purchases a loan or group of loans in its name and pledges one hundred percent in the individual loan, or loans as collateral to the loan on loan lender.

Synthetic Participation Structure

A synthetic participation structure loan on loan, occurs when the lender purchases and retains the legal title to a loan or group of loans, assigning a participation interest in the loan or or loans to the loan on loan borrower. The loan on loan lender retains a fixed rate of interest and principal payment from the proceeds of the underlying loan.

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