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Collectively, our team has more than 74 years of experience in the real estate industry, encompassing extensive knowledge in land investments, developments, infrastructure financing, and land planning. This expertise allows us to create the best experience for our customers and partners, taking our projects from raw land to finished sites with the highest efficiency.



We have a solid reputation for doing what we say. We have worked hard to build a reputation of excellence and consistency with governmental staff, politicians, land investors, and lenders. We have built strong relationships with local consultants and contractors, and pride ourselves on integrity.

We focus on the Southeast because this is home. We have a vested interest in seeing communities thrive and grow while preserving the ecological systems and natural beauty we have in the Southeast. This adds to the value we bring to your investment. Our executive team and partners have the market knowledge and operational expertise to provide only the highest level of service.



We are well capitalized and continuously seeking to acquire or market both, long and short-term acquisitions for single and multifamily residential, commercial and industrial properties. Before purchasing, joint venturing, or closing on any piece of property, GAC Land Company performs extensive research and analysis. Our thorough due diligence process includes a full determination of terms including environmental reports, geotechnical evaluations, zoning regulations, utility services, and topographical conditions. We also conduct a market analysis, giving us a competitive advantage not only on the purchase of the land, but planning for its future development.

Our primary entitlement goal is to enhance the value of property by working closely with consultants, local jurisdictions, and politicians. Our strong relationships ensure the efficient and expeditious design and processing of plans, allowing them to be reviewed, approved, and permitted in a timely, cost-effective manner. We encourage best use and creative land plans that enhance the area’s natural landscape and amenities, aiding in the creation of additional appeal in hardscape and landscape form.

In addition to entitling land for maximum yield, multiple use, and flexibility, we also work closely with our consultants and local jurisdictions to create public infrastructure, including utilities and roads, to serve our communities. As a strategic real estate investment and community development firm, GAC Land Company develops land not only for our own hold and sales use, but to also service other regional and national builders. Our goal is to enhance the market and create solid solutions. We seek relationships with a variety of quality builders to help create plans that best serve communities.

As responsible members of the community and stewards of the land, our success is driven by our mission to contribute to regional growth and a continual increase in value of our surroundings. Whether you are seeking improved shovel-ready property or finished lots, our team of experienced industry professionals, partners, and the resources we have available will help you bring and maintain high standards of excellence to your most valued projects.

GAC Land Company has several opportunities for qualified investors. Read more about our investor relations.



Throughout the past 20 years, land in the Southeast has proven to be both a consistent long-term and short-term investment. Buying land in the Carolinas offers appealing portfolio diversification opportunities to many of the investors with whom we work. Given our market understanding and the 74+ years of combined land buying experience at GAC Land Company, we offer safe investments with a strong asset-secured return that also serves as a hedge against inflation. Land values in this area of Carolinas have remained stable because they are in short supply and high demand.

Qualified investors have the opportunity to work with GAC Land Company in several ways, be it through secured cash investment or full equity participation. We offer you the ability to simply participate in the projected appreciation of land development without day-to-day management of development. We work with a variety of investors, including family office, private money, and high net worth investors.

We are also actively seeking land within Carolinas. We have extensive understanding and capability in Carolina agriculture, agricultural leasing, water-use permitting, and general land management. With thousands of acres currently farming row crops, cattle, and grass, our efficiencies greatly exceed those of small land farmers. Farm land returns have a negative correlation with more traditional investments such as stocks or bonds and only a slightly positive correlation with other types of real estate. These features make farm land an attractive portfolio diversification tool that can help lessen the impact of the market volatility of other investments.

Our projects are designed for a variety of options subject to economic and environmental conditions. We work with trusted real estate professionals, national and regional home builders, and developers to ensure that investments are profitable. Building solid relationships is just as important to us as creating value for our investors. Please contact us to set up some time to discuss how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Canopy Housing Foundation awards $73,050 in Community Grants to area nonprofits  

October 1, 2020

As Charlotte-area residents endure nearly six months of partial shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Charlotte Realtors® continue their unwavering mission to serve those most in need at the grassroots level by awarding more than $73,050 in Community Grants to area nonprofits working to address unmet housing needs across the Charlotte region. More than a…

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Coronavirus Has Caused Significant Construction Project Delays And Cancellations, Yet Demand For Skilled Labor Is High, New Survey Finds  

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Sustain Charlotte And Mecklenburg Solid Waste Recognize Two Charlotte Businesses For Recycling Excellence 

October 1, 2020

Live Nation’s PNC Music Pavilion of Charlotte and Nourish Charlotte earned 2020 Recycling Excellence awards for their innovative and inspiring waste reduction projects. Each year, Sustain Charlotte hosts an awards ceremony to celebrate the work that is being done in the community to advance smart growth and sustainability. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Sustain Charlotte to cancel the…

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