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GAC Commercial Southeast Implements Major Lending Program Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

July 25, 2020

Press Release

March 15,

GAC Commercial Southeast Inc., in partnership(s), has announced a major implementation to GAC’s lending platform by the creation of new programs specifically aimed for businesses affected by COVID-19.

Loans are being offered are new flexible loan programs are designed to assist businesses affected by cash flow irregularities as well as those increasing production to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

“Our specialized lending programs are intended to provide more immediate support to businesses affected by operating uncertainties due to temporary and long-term circumstances caused by COVID-19, while the length of ‘temporary’ may still be unknown,” said GAC Senior Executive John C. Green. “As a private firm, we have more flexibility with certain partnerships enabling a quicker response to the urgent needs of businesses currently experiencing and/or forecasting difficulty ahead caused by the pandemic. Programs have also been tailored to provide capital for ramping up production for goods, services, and supplies to battle COVID-19. Our aim is to help weather the storm and return small and midsize businesses to sustainable growth.”

GAC Commercial Southeast Inc has focused COVID-19 lending solutions to the following industry sectors, including but not limited to pharma, freight forwarding, air cargo, trucking, supply chain import-export, co-op utilities. Lending solutions range from invoice factoring to confirmed order slated for production.

Special flexibility of the COVID-19 Lending includes:

  • Streamlined
    application and quick consideration;
  • Accessible
  • Renewable
    credit lines, six-month period, and 12-month period(s).
  • Extended
    repayment period(s).

For more information on lending, please visit:

Additionally, GAC has partnered with Optedia, a specialized media consultancy firm to provide boutique media solutions to companies treading in uncertain waters.  This support includes crisis consulting, emergency media training, and brand management. Optedia is founded by media and public relations veteran Gregory Peck, who has successfully navigated a number of high-profile companies, political campaigns, and organizations through unique unchartered crisis situations. “Every company in America right now should be thinking about how they can responsibly respond to this unprecedented situation.  Optedia is positioned to stand with companies to deliver their own message of assurance during this difficult time,” said Gregory Peck.

Contact  GAC Commercial Southeast, Inc.

Company: GAC


Administrative Mail, P.O. Box 77068, Charlotte NC 28271

Number: 704-935-3436 Ext. 100


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