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Green Acquisition Corporation’s Chairman Statement Regarding COVID-19

March 13, 2020

John C. Green, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer of Green Acquisition Corporation has issued a statement regarding COVID-19:

Our top priority is the health and safety of our staff, employees, and clients. As the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to evolve into a global health concern. GAC has made a decision to ask all staff and employees to work from home until further notice. Our goal is to minimize risk and to help lower the probability of the spread of the virus to you, your families and the communities in which we operate.

At this time we’ve been fortunate that no member of our team, their families or associates, have had any confirmed cases of COVID-19. Unfortunately, it remains unknown, how quickly the virus will spread, peak, or cease. GAC will continue to plan accordingly to health and safety requirements by government agencies and take all cautionary measures necessary to battle this unknown developing pandemic.

We will not take any chances! All GAC associates, staff, and employees who are concerned about commuting, being in large or crowded areas, those with above risk for health complications, and anyone having any sort of symptom are instructed to remain home, postpone all domestic travel, and to seek immediate medical attention where needed. As an additional precautionary measure, all GAC sponsored events, attendance at networking events, and social engagements have been canceled until April 30th, 2020. GAC will make a concerted effort to reevaluate the currently mentioned restrictions at that time. GAC strongly imposes that all business travel in and outside the US be strictly prohibited during this time.

 Major sporting leagues including the NBA and NHL have suspended their current seasons indefinitely. The government has restricted all air flights from the EU to the US. Colleges are completing the semester via video classes. Multiple states have canceled large gatherings, and many cities have canceled the upcoming St. Patricks Day celebrations. The list shall only continue to grow, as expected during these times.

 On behalf of the GAC Team, We thank you for your understanding and support. Life will be challenging in the coming weeks. But stay vigilant, stay aware, and most importantly, stay healthy. Together we will all make a difference.

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